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Shawn Rhoden talks top secret supplements in Episode 5, untitled VPX formula sounds a lot like a pump pre-workout

VPX athlete Shawn Rhoden talks about a possible pump supplement

With the Olympia less than one month away, a lot of companies will be building up to releases or making moves with new supplements. There are also a few that have the opportunity to come through on some things we have yet to see, VPX being one of them after they previewed Redline Incinerator back at the Arnold Classic in March. With that said, it does seem like the brand are actually working on a little something else at the moment. This news comes in Episode 5, of Flexatron Shawn Rhoden’s ‘Rhode to Olympia’ video series. The almost six minute clip sees the VPX athlete talk about his motivation, strategy leading into this years Olympia, and an untitled product he has only just started using. Rhoden does do a good job at giving very little away, but based on his line ‘within 15 minutes of training I blew up like a balloon’, we feel we might be looking at a pump pre-workout. While it could of course be a regular pre-workout, seeing as the emphasis was put on fullness, we’re leaning more towards a dedicated pump formula. As mentioned Rhoden did say very little about VPX’s upcoming supplement and that he only just started using it, so it will be interesting to see when this one pops up again.

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