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4+ Nutrition’s three form whey, W3 Pro+ confirmed for September 22nd

4+ Nutrition preview another new supplement W3 Pro+

4+ Nutrition have said that on a number of occasions September is going to be a big month for them. The list of supplements set to go on sale is growing by the day, with from what we’ve seen possibly puts about four on shelves. The brand have their two mystery Whey+ flavors one being pistachio, their chicken protein Hydro CPI+, and the beef sourced Hydro Beef+. While four products is definitely not a total to be ashamed of, apparently it just isn’t enough for our favorite Italian company. 4+ have actually come out and confirmed another item for September, new supplement number three for the month W3 Pro+. Despite the brand’s preview image being blacked out we can see that it features three different whey proteins, hydrolysate, isolate and concentrate. We can also see that the product packs per serving 24g of protein and 126 calories. To round out the news W3 Pro+ has been pictured in just the one flavor chocolate caramel and one size 2kg, with an exact launch date of September 22nd.

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