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Allmax flavor and reformulate Hemanovol, new H:VOL carries on transparently dosed theme

Allmax Nutrition set to replace Hemanovol with the flavored H:VOL

Almost every week we’re seeing more and more companies jump in the fast growing pump pre-workout category, with today more or less reintroducing a well known brand to the area. The company is Allmax Nutrition who have done similar to what ANS did recently, going from capsule to a flavored reformulation. The original supplement was named Hemanovol, which is still mentioned on the latest from Allmax, although it’s main title is now H:VOL. In terms of contents, compared to it’s predecessor the new pump formula bares almost zero resemblance. The product features a number of highlights as seen on the face of it’s bottle with Nitrosigine inositol arginine silicate, HydroMax glycerol, AgmaPure agmatine sulfate and RC-NOS rutaecarpine. The main four really only make up less than a third of H:VOL’s 13 ingredient formula, that like the contents in Allmax’s pre-workout from earlier in the year, have all been transparently dosed. For a complete look at the features in H:VOL we have uploaded it’s detailed facts panel below, with currently no word on when we can expect to see the pump pre-workout in stores.

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