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Alpha Bottle open up a Kick Starter, secure yourself a “back to basics” shaker bargain

Alpha Bottle open up a Kick Starter offering pre-sale bargains

The team behind Alpha Bottle have today opened up a Kick Starter, taking on backers for their back to basics shaker. Just to be clear, the brand will still be launching the Alpha Bottle early next year regardless of the Kick Starter outcome. Basically the money will be going towards expenses that will give the company the ability to launch much stronger than planned. The backer opportunity also gives those already interested in the well constructed shaker, a chance to actually get a good deal. Alpha are a UK brand so the Kick Starter values are in pounds, although if you’re from the US or Europe the return on your investment will just cost a little extra for shipping. As for backer options available, £10 will get you one Alpha Bottle, £20 three bottles, £50 a tee, bag and three bottles, and finally £75 a tee, hoodie, bag, and five Alpha Bottles. To help out the brand and secure yourself one of the bargains, visit Alpha Bottle’s Kick Starter where you can also see their very interesting back story.

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