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AML’s next release appropriately titled, #1 performance enhancer PreWorkout very near

Advanced Molecular Labs suitably name their pre-workout

Advanced Molecular Labs also known as AML, recently teased the coming of their third supplement, a formula due to hit the pre-workout category. Very little was said about the formula initially, without even so much as a title. Just over one month after we got news of the brand being interested in the pre-workout arena, AML have released an image of what they have officially named PreWorkout. From what we can see in the brand’s preview picture the product is being promoted the same way all pre-workouts are, ‘scientifically formulated’ and ‘the most advanced pre-workout ever developed’. Aside from the overly confident words by AML, the only information we’re taking away from the PreWorkout image is it’s tub weight of 460g. If the supplement follows the usual 30 serving theory we’re looking at about a 15g serving, likely packing the product with performance ingredients, not necessarily an overload of stimulants. While speculation is always fun, AML are actually due to launch Pre-Workout very soon with availability expected to be going to the Muscular Development store.

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