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3 more Pro Series supplements spotted at the O, Cytosport expand with semi-simple solutions

Three new Cytosport Pro Series supplements Energy, Amino and Creatine

As awkward to look at as Cytsport’s booth was, and unfortunately difficult to get to thanks to Muscle Pharm’s line extending across the front. The makers of the iconic Muscle Milk did have a few new supplements to show at the Olympia. In total there were three new products on display, all expanding on Cytosport’s previously only Muscle Milk featuring Pro Series. The names of the three supplements are as straightforward as you’ll get with Pro Series Energy, Amino and Creatine. Starting with Energy it is a semi-simple pre-workout solution listing highlights such as 3g of citrulline, 1.25g betaine anhydrous and 1.5g of leucine. As you can imagine the other two are a lot less complex with Amino packing 3.5g of 5:1:1 BCAAs as well as a full panel of aminos, and Creatine a little more than it’s title with 5g of CreaPure creatine and 2g of 2:1:1 BCAAs. From what we could see the three Cytosport products looked basically ready to go, with their arrival due to take the Pro Series to a total of five.

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