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Stack3d @ the ’14 Olympia Expo, Fitmark selling the Shield and showing off five more

Six Pack is not the only bag brand with something new on show at this year’s Olympia Expo, as another favorite of ours Fitmark, also have a lot going on. As well as having their latest and greatest on display and on sale the Shield, for an incredible price. The very innovative company from what we can see, have five new items on shelves that aren’t yet available for purchase. There is the new Velocity, seeing a few extra pockets added to the outside, a women’s duffel in two colorways black/pink and gray/lavender. What looks to be an updated Tote, and two more backpacks. One looking like a combination of the Competitor and Transporter, and the other a slightly bigger and more versatile velocity variant. There isn’t a date listed anywhere for when we’re going to see the new pieces. Fans however really have no reason to focus on the future at this point, as the Shield is really Fitmark’s best yet looking even better and more compact up close.

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