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Promised Giant Sports protein now on sale, Delicious Casein available exclusively through Australia

Giant Sports new Delicious Casein available in Australia

Back at the Australian FileX fitness expo earlier in the year, Giant Sports confirmed two new types of protein powder in the works. One was a casein formula and the other, a mass protein called Muscle Maker. While we’re still short on information and availability on the latter, the brand have released their casein supplement simply titled Delicious Casein. The product has been produced in a total of two sizes, a 27 serving 2lb and 66 serving 5lb, each with the same three flavors, chocolate, vanilla and banana. Making up a single scoop of Delicious Casein is 24g of protein with a Full Spectrum Bioactive Micellar Casein complex listed as it’s only source. 1.6g of carbohydrates (380mg sugar), 1.4g fiber, 1.5g fat (690mg saturated), and a total of 125 calories. For those interested in what’s in the other ingredients section, it is amino acid free listing just the trademarked GiantPro XR protein complex and all the little regulars. If you are a US Giant fan and like the look of Delicious Casein, unfortunately at the moment this one is only available through the brand’s Australian distributor Flush Fitness. For the people lucky enough to be included in that area, Delicious Casein is now on sale in most stockists with the 2lb as low as $45 (AUD) and 5lb as low as $80.

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