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Two more on the way from Giant Sports, upcoming supplements not Muscle Maker or casein

Giant Sports confirm two new very exciting supplements

Giant Sports have passed on details of a couple rather exciting products. While we have only got a handful of words to go off, we feel we have enough to help you also get a little interested. Basically the brand have two supplements on the way, both of which we do not have the names of yet. Firstly neither of these two are the protein powders Giant mentioned back at Australia’s FileX in April, the mass protein Muscle Maker or well flavored casein. Secondly, and this is our only other piece of information, one of the two will see the brand head into a new category they are not currently in. As much as that is informative, it’s extremely vague as Giant at the moment only have five products. Of those five the brand are really only in three different categories, Delicious for protein, Metabolic Bioshock and Giant Pump for pre-workout, and Dexamine and Thyrotwin for weight loss. Despite the two being quite possibly anything at this point, we are still extremely excited as so far we have yet to see Giant produce anything disappointing.

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