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B.Y.L.T.: Beyond Your Limit Training, Gifted show off two upcoming supplements

Gifted Nutrition show off Accelerate PM and BYLT

Gifted Nutrition have released an image showing off a little more than the four supplements we’re used to seeing from Phil Heath’s product line. Alongside the protein ISO Whey, pre-workout Accelerate, muscle builder S3 and fat burner Superlean, the brand have put in the stimulantless pre-workout Accelerate PM, and the abbreviated supplement B.Y.L.T. Based on it’s title and short mention by Gifted, we already knew Accelerate PM was a stimulant free version of Accelerate, designed for nighttime use or whenever stimulants aren’t needed. As for BYLT, we only knew it was intended to be used before you workout, something that is reinforced by the words it’s name stands for ‘beyond your limit training’. The big question we have now is, just what is BYLT going to do for you to push you beyond your limits? Whether it’s another, hopefully more intense pre-workout, or some sort of formula looking to amplify your workout experience, we are going to have to wait for little more information from Gifted. Despite being short on details the Accelerate PM and BYLT preview does show signs of the two being very near release, coincidentally in a month where the brand previously promised more products.

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