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HIT introduce another unique flavor, Core Athlete pushed to five with waffles & syrup

HIT Supplements add another unique flavor to Core Athlete

Late last year HIT Supplements introduced their labeled described premium whey blend Core Athlete, a rather straightforward protein powder. While the product’s contents did come off as basic as you’d expect, it was in the flavoring of the grass-fed & hormone free formula that HIT kind of set Core Athlete apart. Instead of going with chocolate, vanilla and a cookies or strawberry for the supplement, the brand launched Core Athlete in carrot cake, pumpkin spice, white chocolate, and pound cake. Of the four we can say we’ve seen about two done by another company, a total amount of unique tastes that has now been moved to three. HIT have revealed and released an entirely new flavor for Core Athlete with yet another unique recipe in waffles & syrup. The latest addition to the product’s menu takes it to a total of five options, with the new waffles & syrup Core Athlete already available direct from the brand’s website at $32.99.

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