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iForce get together with the one and only, limited edition Cardillo belt not listed anywhere online

iForce Nutrition get together with Cardillo Weightbelts

From weight loss to pre-workout with Thermoxyn and Max Out, iForce Nutrition now move to gear and accessories. The brand behind one of the original pump pre-workouts Hemavol, have recently focused their efforts on a new weightbelt seeing a collaboration with one of the best. Having the word weightbelt and best in the same sentence obviously means we’re talking about the one and only Cardillo. iForce have teamed up with the makers of our very own custom weightbelt, putting together a brightly colored white on red. The price put on the lifting aid is about average for a Cardillo belt at $129.99. The only downside to it all is that the belt is not available from iForce’s direct store, the place you can find all of the brand’s other merchandise. Fans are actually being directed to Cardillo themselves, which we’re unsure about whether or not they mean their website or physical store. Confusion aside the weightbelt has been produced, costs $130, and will hopefully have it’s location made more obvious soon.

Update: iForce’s Cardillo weightbelt is now listed and available direct from their website

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