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Lecheek looking at the female market, pre-workout Hottie

Lecheek Nutrition confirm female pre-workout Hottie

Following Lecheek Nutrition’s rebranding preview, the brand have confirmed the coming of an entirely new supplement. The information passed on to us over the weekend is of a pre-workout product with a difference. Lecheek do already have Speed and Pump X3 as well as Stim Shot, so the idea of a third performance formula may have you wondering. The next place the brand are actually looking to go is in to the women’s market with a supplement called Hottie. Not much is known about the pre-workout, just that it appears to be have been designed separate from SpeedX3, Pump X3 and Stim Shot. All we can say is that it is a surprising move by Lecheek as they do tend to stick to high end, top quality products. The reason why that makes it surprising is because the female category isn’t exactly full of greatly formulated supplements, which should see Lecheek do quite well if they come through with Hottie.

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