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Highlights confirmed for new Magnum formula, Mimic sounding a lot like USP’s Anabolic Pump

Magnum's Mimic described as nutrient to muscle driver

Last time we had a stab at what Magnum Nutraceutical’s upcoming supplement Mimic was, it turned out we were quite a way off. We took a shot based on what we could see, putting our money on the product being a weight loss formula of some sort. The brand have now released a second teaser image giving away quite a bit of information, so much in fact we know what Magnum’s latest innovation has been designed to do. In the brand’s new preview picture, below Mimic’s title, there are three lines. The first two we can make out which clearly describe the supplement’s intentions, ‘improves carbohydrate use’ and ‘drives nutrients into muscle tissue’. The third line isn’t as readable, although we can make out it’s second half ‘leaner muscles’. Without seeing a full description or facts panel we still don’t know the whole story. But based on those three lines Mimic is sounding a lot like USP Lab’s Anabolic Pump, a nutrient shuttling enhancer. With Magnum promising additional details for September, we should be getting more information soon for what’s looking like a product we might catch at the Olympia.

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