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2 complex and 1 individual, more information on MAN Sports upcoming supplements

MAN Sports tease three new supplements, two complex and one basic

Following on from MAN Sports mention of three new supplements back in July, the brand have released a new preview shedding a bit more light on what’s on the way. The total number of products has remained the same, seeing MAN keep their promise of three, although we can now confirm that two are complex formulas and the other a Micro Batch individual. Starting with the basic supplement, we know that it packs 35 servings per bottle and that’s about it. Moving on to the other two, from what we can see both are flavored with the larger yellow supplement listing 30 servings per 150g tub, working out to be a product delivering it’s experience in a 5g serving. As for the third and final formula, it appears to be at least half the size of what will be MAN’s only yellow branded bottle, possibly putting it’s total weight somewhere under 100g. To add to few details gathered from the picture, the brand have given us some clues that should help fuel everyone’s imagination and interest. According to MAN the three are all a part of categories the brand currently have no presence in, Lean PhD is not one of them, and are all due to arrive sometime next month.

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