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MAN’s next expected to define a category, NOO Pump on it’s way and looking good

MAN Sports NOO Pump promising to be a very interesting supplement

MAN Sports have announced the first flavor for their upcoming supplement pump solution NOO Pump. The option was revealed in a clever video made by the brand, using clips from the movie the taste has been named after, Pineapple Express. Unfortunately news of the flavor hasn’t come with anything else, including the area a lot are interested in NOO Pump’s ingredients. We’re not gonna lie, at the Olympia we actually got a hands on with the product, in exchange for silence on what’s in it. Very few times we’ll look at a formula and get excited, as on most occasions a label only says so much. MAN’s latest however is definitely one of those few, that we feel is well worth looking forward to. It’s not that NOO Pump is the first focus and pump driven supplement to market, it’s the fact that the product looks like it’s going to be the first one to really define this type of pre-workout. As you would’ve seen in MAN’s blurred label preview, NOO Pump has 16 ingredients. Each one is there to help power a focus and pump fueled experience, that we believe will have a range of effects competitive enough to take on the best caffeinated and stimulant packed competitors. Without a release date we are all still left hanging for an unknown amount of time, although you can stay in the loop with MAN through their NOO Pump availability notifier.

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