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More on Muscle Elements protein powder, the Truth coming in one size and two tastes

Muscle Elements reveal the rest of their protein powder the Truth

The big surprise in Muscle Elements Truth announcement was that the name of their mystery promotion was actually in relation to an upcoming supplement. We did actually have that down as a possibility before all was revealed, however never would we have predicted the name of the product. The Truth, Muscle Elements first and for now one protein powder, is essentially a symbol of change. It was the first supplement in the brand’s Truth Standard family, and is one of only three protein powders we know of to list it’s amount of each protein source. To add to the breakdown of the Truth’s 24g of protein, Muscle Elements have now released the product’s facts panel confirming 9g of carbohydrates (4g sugar alcohol, 1g sugar, 1g fiber), 4g fat (1g saturated) and a total of 160 calories. In the area of sizes and flavors, the brand have gone with just the one 2.3lb bag in two tastes, chocolate bar and vanilla wafer. Despite the supplement originally being unveiled more than two weeks ago, it is not expected to go on sale for another few weeks with it’s launch set for sometime in October.

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