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Power Test shows up outside GNC and direct, MuscleMeds exclusive hits Supplement Central

MuscleMeds Power Test shows up outside of direct and Supplement Central

Earlier in the year MuscleMeds went on a bit of a spree, launching a number of new supplements with the likes of NO Bull XMT, Phenbuterol, Carnivor Bars, one of our favorite post-workouts Secret Sauce, and the product we have an update on today Power Test. The DAA dominated testosterone booster originally went on sale direct from the brand as well as GNC, with a price not exactly fit for everyone. Fortunately for MuscleMeds fans who have been dying to buy Power Test slightly cheaper, the supplement has finally shown up outside of the brand’s previously exclusive locations. The store the product has surprisingly shown up at is none other than Supplement Central for $46.95, a value that if the supplement does end up heading to other MuscleMeds stockists, is likely to go even lower. For those wondering if it is indeed the real deal you can go and check out Power Test at Supp Central, who do in fact have the exact same formula in the exact same 168 tablet bottle.

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