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Hydroxycut SX-7 Black Onyx released, Muscletech make it 10 for well presented series

Muscletech reveal and release their 10th SX-7 supplement Hydroxycut Black Onyx

Muscletech are surprisingly looking to grow their SX-7 supplement series once again, following their recent reveal of Garcinia 4X, Gakic VO2 Max and the individually sold Peak SX-7. The upcoming product Muscletech have unveiled is officially titled Hydroxycut SX-7 Black Onyx. Despite most of the recent additions to the line all going to different corners of the market, the new Black Onyx is a weight loss formula going back to the category that Muscletech’s original two SX-7s launched in. The supplement is themed in a very slick black and gold, and has been designed as a more hardcore solution compared to the regular Hydroxycut SX-7 and gold tinted stimulant free Hydroxycut SX-7. In total Muscletech are relying on seven different ingredients to deliver their sensory experience with green coffee bean, caffeine, coleus, l-theanine, salvia, yohimbe, and satsuma mandarin pulp for it’s beta-cryptoxanthin. Being a new Muscletech product Black Onyx has of course got a transparently dosed label, which can be seen below. As for availability of SX-7’s tenth family member, the supplement has actually been released and is now on sale at GNC for $69.99 or $55.99 with a Gold Card.

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