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Banned Albuterex followed by Crack3d, Mutated 2nd Australian promising DMAA replacement

Mutated Nutrition release their Albuterex follower up Crack3d

Albuterex Xtreme was a supplement that made it big in Australia, made by the company Mutated Nutrition. As quickly as the product became popular, it was dropped off the map after reports confirmed it to contain an ingredient that was banned in the area, and also not listed on the label. The supplement can still be found in some places, however Mutated have now created a follow up called Crack3d Xtreme. The pre-workout product has begun to make it’s way out to stockists in Australia, promoting itself as the next generation formula. Mutated are also making the bold claim that Crack3d Xtreme surpasses the effects of the legendary DMAA, words we’ve now heard from two brands down under. If you’re like us you may be wondering what’s in the supplement, something Mutated have coincidentally left out on their website, and stores have yet to upload. With Crack3d being an Australian product, we’re not going to be able to get our hands on it too easily. But if it does prove to be any good based on noise or ingredients (when released), we will make the effort.

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