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Charles Dixon signing at Powerhouse booth, Performax Labs set to unveil supplement #6

Performax Labs set to unveil a new supplement at the Olympia

This week’s list of exciting releases has just grown by one, thanks to the team over at Performax Labs. While tomorrow Fitmark are due to unveil their latest and greatest the Shield, SmartShake also looking to do the same, and P28 debuting their new product the first day of the Olympia Expo. Performax have now confirmed that they too will be part of the action. The brand have announced two events, firstly that their 212 Olympia competitor Charles Dixon will be on hand signing autographs at the Powerhouse booth on Friday. Secondly, Performax are going to be showing off a new product, one that has had nothing leaked about it whatsoever. All we know is that it will be the brand’s fifth supplement, joining the creatine CreMax, pre-workouts Hyper and FitMax, and the muscle builder AlphaMax. We of course will be at the event doing live coverage as best we can, with Performax now on our list of must visits.

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