Week of September 15th getting busy, P28 confirm something big for the Olympia

P28 confirm their fifth product for debut at the Olympia

With two major brands already signed on for big releases the week of the Olympia, Fitmark’s the Shield and Smartshake’s next release both coming September 15th. P28 have also joined in the fun, confirming something for later that week. Friday September 19th is the day, with the product due to be unveiled but not yet revealed. The innovative team haven’t given anything away, only saying that it is their fifth item, and that it will be on show the first day of the Olympia Expo. At the moment our guess is as good as yours, and while it is going to be debuted at the big event in Las Vegas. If you aren’t going to be attending, P28 have said that the unveiling will take place both at their booth and online. We are of course going to be on location bringing you details of everything we see at the Olympia Expo, and will be making sure P28 are at the top of our list for the Friday.

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