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Website finally updated 44 days late, PNI online now with a bit of attitude

PNI finally get around to updating their website

While PNI originally promised their redesigned website to go live August 1st, well over a month ago. The brand did say there were going to be delays due to the incorporation of OxyTherm Pro, a supplement that previously came under the company DeNovo Labs. After all the downtime, and by the sounds of things a lot of effort, PNI have finally launched their new site 44 days late. The updated design introduces a much more attractive look with stronger navigation, product and athlete information, and graphics that really give PNI some attitude. The brand have continued using the same address with, where you can not only check out the updated online presence. But also get details on two of PNI’s most recent releases, the sequel pre-workout Prodigy XT and the reallocated OxyTherm Pro.

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