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Platinum Series intra-workout possibly pictured, Prime Nutrition preview Intra-MD in 2lb tub

Prime Nutrition's talked about Platinum Series Intra-Workout pictured

Over the weekend despite the brand not even having a booth, we got wind of a few new supplements from the relatively new Prime Nutrition. From what we know the brand have a fourth line on it’s way, going by the name Platinum Series. The short description is that the collection will be made up of slightly more complex products compared to what else Prime have to offer. We do know there will be a total of five formulas in the Platinum range, four of which we can confirm, a protein powder, thermogenic, multi-vitamin and intra-workout. Today the brand have released an image relating to the last one on that list, intra-workout. The title seen on the supplement is Intra-MD, with fruit punch as it’s flavor. Outside of the semi-confirmation of the product and it’s taste, we only really get one more thing and that is a rough idea of serving size. Prime’s supplement is still obviously in development, but it’s 2lb tub size does certainly suggest we’re looking at something quite heavy, possibly carbohydrates or protein in the mix.

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