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Prime take Precision Series to 10, upcoming individuals Omega and CLA confirmed

Prime Nutrition preview two more Precision Series supplements Omega and CLA

While we’re just being introduced to Prime Nutrition, as they really only popped up on our radar thanks to their partnership with Evan Centopani. We have been seeing the brand show up in a number of locations recently, most notably the big one As Prime’s reach grows as well as their star studded team, their range of supplements is also on the rise with the brand just announcing two more. The upcoming additions are Omega and CLA, both due to join Prime’s individual ingredient line the Precision Series. The products have been revealed listing 100 softgels each, and promoted as 100% pure liquid versions of their title feature. The brand have only said the two set to take the Precision Series to ten are coming soon, although also mentioned they have many more supplements on top of the two on the way.

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