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Chaos and Pain replacing your go to energy drink, PWNED’s Aggro arriving just in time for Christmas

Chaos and Pain detail PWNED's Aggro and it's Christmas release

A few days ago we were left wondering just what Chaos and Pain’s new supplement Aggro would be designed for, the first formula in their upcoming gaming series titled PWNED. While the name of the range is more than appropriate, we got a couple ideas based on the name of Aggro expecting the brand to follow the usual path and tackle one of the major categories first. It turns out we were right in assuming Aggro is an energy and focus product, as Chaos and Pain have promised fans there will be no more need for Mountain Dew or Red Bull. Not only is the brand promoting energy and focus, but they’ve also highlighted hand-eye co-ordination, suggesting we’re in for another well dosed and ranged Chaos and Pain supplement. To add to the excitement the brand have given us a rough idea of when we can expect to purchase PWNED’s Aggro, setting a Christmas launch of late November early December.

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