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Scitec introduce ten new tees, Meat Your Destiny! with 100% Beef tops

Scitec Nutrition introduce ten new tees

The company we’re used to seeing with a new supplement each week, have today released a number of items separate from the supplement side of things. Scitec Nutrition have revealed and released a line of tees featuring designs supporting various areas of the brand. From what we can see Scitec have put together ten tops, two carrying just the brand’s logo with red print on a black or blue shirt. Two promoting Scitec’s WOD Crusher Crossfit series, both black with green and white print. Two sleeveless shirts one gray and the other white, a black tee supporting the Scitec star Cedric McMillan, and finally three 100% Beef tops. One flat out promoting 100% Beef with a great looking graphic, and the other two, one red one white, featuring the clever little line ‘meat your destiny!’. You can check out all ten tops on Scitec’s website, however to purchase you will need to find a stockist as the brand don’t sell direct.

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