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Six Pack’s three meal steals the show, save 15% on the convenient Innovator Mini

Six Pack's Innovator Mini steals the Olympia Expo

While Six Pack Fitness did have a lot going on at their booth at the Olympia Expo last weekend, the innovative brand did have a product that arguably stole the show. The item we are referring to is the Innovator Mini, a meal management bag you may have seen us refer to in our live post on Six Pack. Basically the piece is a miniature version of the brand’s signature Innovator meal management system, with very little room to move. The bag has space for three meal containers, as well as a small and a large gel pack, a supplement container, and a number of pockets for all your loose necessities. No doubt the Innovator Mini’s convenience was one of the things that sold the bag, but it’s price was also a major attraction. At $59.99 it’s a straight steal, and fortunately for everyone reading it doesn’t end there. At the Olympia Expo we were given a discount code for 15% which we will share with you ‘OLYMPIA14‘. We can’t quite remember when the coupon expires, all we know is that it is currently working and drops the latest from Six Pack down to $50.99.

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