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Massive prize packs to be won, 2nd annual Guess The Mr. O placings

Supp Talk Radio announce their Guess The Mr. O placings

Supp Talk Radio have announced their second annual Guess the Mr. O placings competition. If you aren’t a follower of theirs and didn’t take part last year, it’s basically exactly as it’s titled. Fans submit their guesses for the 2014 Mr. Olympia placings, and the most accurate entrants win. The contest’s finer details are that you need to list the top seven in order, as well as 10th in case of a tie break. Being an annual competition of course the prizes up for grabs are pretty big with packs featuring supplements from DNA Anabolics, Molecular Nutrition, Chaos and Pain, Lecheek, Muscle Elements, Formutech and Myokem. In total there are ten prize packs to be won, all going to the people with the best guesses. Supp Talk look to be kicking off the contest this Sunday, so be sure to tune in then on their website or Facebook for more details.

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