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Upcoming Mimic further detailed, Magnum officially describe their next release

Magnum put together a complete description of their upcoming supplement Mimic

Magnum Nutraceuticals have today released another image for their new supplement Mimic. After our last look at the product we had a pretty good idea about what the supplement intended to do, listing highlights such as ‘improves carbohydrate use’ and ‘drives nutrients into muscle tissue’. Based on what was mentioned we saw a lot of similarities between Magnum’s Mimic and USP Lab’s well known Anabolic Pump, or as it’s officially titled AP. The brand’s latest promo picture still doesn’t give us a look at what’s in the product, but it does give a few more effects and basically everything else we need to know about Mimic. As you can see above Magnum have listed five highlights, expanding on what was revealed the other day. Alongside the bullet points we have a full box preview of the supplement confirming a total of 60 capsules per bottle, and a contents weight of 404mg per capsule. While Magnum’s image does pack plenty of information, the brand have also put together an even deeper description (below) of Mimic, to further let fans know exactly what they’re in for.

“Magnum Mimic uses insulin mimicking powers to increase one’s insulin sensitivity, without actually increasing insulin levels in your body.

This means you can now eat carbs without the fear of the majority begin stored as fat. Mimic will help increase your insulin sensitivity, increasing your bodies ability to utilize carbohydrates; using them as energy and as glycogen for bigger and fuller muscles instead of being stored as fat. Mimic will also increase the efficiency of other Amino Acid & Creatine supplements by greatly increasing uptake into your muscle cells.

Someone who is “insulin resistant” has a hard time processing carbs. Their body will release excess insulin, making carbs consumed to be stored as fat instead of being used for energy. Insulin resistance is a sign of the beginning stages of diabetes and occurs when the body is not able to utilize the released insulin correctly.”

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