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Stack3d @ the ’14 Olympia Expo, VPX reveal Bang flavor number five star blast

VPX reveal flavor number five for their energy drink Bang

While we had our fingers crossed for the Arnold Classic previewed Redline Incinerator, which we feel is becoming more and more unrealistic, and the Rhoden tested pump supplement. VPX unfortunately do not have either on show at this year’s Olympia booth, but do at least have one thing new to show off. Sitting in one of their giant banners is the canned energy formula Bang. It is pictured in it’s three original flavors fruit punch, lemon drop and champagne as well as the product’s fourth blue razz. Also thrown in the poster is number five for Bang titled star blast, appropriately themed with both the flag and the brand’s colors. Without a description or sample to go off we don’t quite know what the flavor is supposed to taste like, but if we can get a can we will definitely let you know.

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