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AMP Citrate & DMBA drama forces change, popular pre-workouts due to be reformulated

Earlier in the week a couple of articles went online talking about concerns around the now very popular AMP Citrate and DMBA, both variants of 1,3-dimethylbutylamine. The issue appears to be that the ingredient doesn’t naturally occur in the amount brands have been using it at, with one tonne of it’s claimed source pouchong tea producing just 12mg. Due to the uncovering of the information it is being said the ingredient is technically a synthetic stimulant, therefore illegal for use in dietary supplements. With all the drama going down, we were really only left with one question, what’s going to happen to our favorite AMP or DMBA pre-workouts? The answer is basically get them while you can. A lot of brands have already told us they are dropping the stimulant or completely reformulating, with some manufacturers also avoiding it. No doubt stock will still be around for a few more months, although it does seem we are in for another DMAA like shift. We do appreciate those looking out for everyone, reinforcing the rules and regulations in place, but it is going to be sad to see the ingredient go. If you’re like us and want to hang on to the products that made AMP and DMBA so enjoyable, drop by your local store before they empty out. We have yet to hear anything about the future of 1,3-dimethylbutylamine outside of the US, though it would be good assume other areas are likely to follow suit.

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