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Reformulated CTD Labs pre-workout NoxiPro set to feature the controversial DMBA

Reformulated CTD Labs pre-workout NoxiPro set to feature DMBA

While some are looking for a replacement for their AMP citrate or DMBA formula, or stores still stocking their favorite pre-workout due to recent events. CTD Labs are actually about to do something no one has or is likely going to do. Back in August the brand said they would be reformulating their original DMAA era pre-workout NoxiPro, and bringing it back just as strong as it was before. The effort was a follow up to the reformulation of CTD’s Hyper Cuts, another DMAA hit from back in the day. Basically what the brand have done is update NoxiPro as promised, but also made use of the controversial ingredient DMBA. With so much drama surrounding the stimulant right now it’s inclusion is questionable, however CTD have told us they are definitely sticking with it. While we don’t yet know what else is going to be in the supplement, we won’t need to wait too much longer as the brand are almost ready to launch. Next week is when it’s all going to go down as CTD have confirmed that is when stock is due to arrive, with exact availability details not yet known at this point.

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