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Contents confirmed for EST’s sequel pre-workout MethylMass 2.0

A few months ago the now very busy EST Nutrition promised the coming of a sequel to their fan favorite pre-workout, MethylMass. The name the brand gave the supplement was simply MethylMass 2.0, which was actually confirmed all the way back in May. It seems EST are almost ready to launch the product in around four to six weeks time, putting it out sometime next month or as late as December. To go with the news of MethylMass 2.0 being right around the corner, EST have passed on the contents of the sequel pre-workout. The brand have packed the supplement with two things, Arimistane (androsta-3 5-diene-7 17-dione) at 40mg and the massive, more important 3,938mg proprietary. Making up that proprietary is a number of interesting ingredients with BeetNitrate (betaine, beet extract & beet root), Creavate (creatine monohydrate & creatine glycerol phosphate), agmatine glycerate (agmatine & glycerol), beta-alanine and the Hydro Mass combination of coconut water and sodium, magnesium and potassium phosphate. At the bottom of the blend there is also a focus section listing caffeine, acacia rigidula, theacrine and hordenine HCl. As mentioned EST haven’t given us an exact date for when MethylMass 2.0 will arrive, just promising availability in a maximum of six weeks.

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