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Delicious Casein review: Giant sets a new standard for casein protein

Delicious Casein review

In Australia at the moment Giant Sports fans have access to a supplement not available anywhere else in the world, with Delicious Casein. The protein is one of the two products the brand promised earlier in the year, and fortunately for fans here in the US, is going to available outside of Australia early next year. Luckily for us we were able to get a tub each of Giant’s three Delicious Caseins, to give those without the supplement in their area a bit of a teaser or a description of what you can look forward to. While the product does taste absolutely incredible, just as it’s title describes, there is one major difference with this casein protein that actually sets itself a part from the rest, and sets a new standard for casein protein.

The main highlight in each and every one of Giant’s Delicious Caseins is that they do not have that grainy texture to it. Fans of casein proteins will know exactly what we’re talking about, and no this doesn’t include supplements that just have casein in their blends. We are referring to 100% casein protein powders, which in our experience all have that grainy texture to them. With Delicious Casein you can actually look forward to not even tasting a hint of that. Giant have not only managed to get rid of something that tends to be expected in casein proteins, but also made Delicious Casein taste better than blend products.

First up of the three flavors we have vanilla, which if you are a regular reader of ours you will know it’s almost always our least favorite. In the case of Giant’s Australian exclusive that is still true, however it is no way a poorly flavored formula. As far as vanilla proteins go, this ranks up there as one of the best we’ve ever had. Being a Delicious protein the brand have carried across their original’s signature thickness where mixing a scoop with your usual amount of liquid will create a bit of a thickshake. It is with that Delicious thickness that Giant mix in a very subtle vanilla hint. Resulting in such a smooth flavor that the initial taste is masked by a thick and real cream like experience, then followed by a sweet, somewhat short lived vanilla showing. As mentioned, we’re not vanilla fans here, but this one definitely rates up there, and let’s not forget we are talking about a casein here.

Next we have banana Delicious Casein, a flavor that we felt Giant nailed in their original. While it wasn’t exactly for everyone tasting like a true banana smoothie, it’s almost like the brand have duplicated it for their second protein powder. The signature thickness as always amplifies the whole experience, with a similar level of taste to that of the vanilla. It is the thickness that you are greeted with, although unlike the vanilla the banana manages to deliver as much of it’s thin flavor as possible in the first sip, and remain consistent right through to the aftertaste. The reason we’re ranking it above vanilla is purely because we believe it’s a little more exotic. If you are in fact a vanilla fan, chances are you’re going to rate it quite highly. As we will say it is quite close between the two, both featuring a pinch of their title tastes and taking advantage of the signature Delicious thickness.

Last but not least we have out favorite flavor of the three Delicious Caseins, chocolate. This one is almost perfection. With every one of the tastes we always had to stop and remember that this is casein, as before Delicious we had never come across a supplement that compared in anyway to a top flavored regular protein. Like the other two recipes, Giant’s chocolate Delicious Casein has that signature thickness that makes the protein shake instantly feel more unreal. Also like the vanilla you aren’t overly welcomed by a chocolatey taste, as it is the thickness that dominates the introduction. It is however quickly after that where you’ll fall for Giant’s milk chocolate sensation, that if you close your eyes and forget what you’re drinking, you won’t ever believe it’s good for you. Very few times we’ll compare something to what it’s named after, but chocolate Delicious Casein can truly only be described as a legitimate chocolate shake. Giant’s thickness recreates the milky texture, with the sweet, light and smooth chocolate making it a real hit.

If you are in Australia, or within reach of Giant Sport’s Delicious Casein, even if you’re not a casein fans. You will want to grab a tub of the product, it doesn’t really matter what flavor you get either. Our ranking does put the vanilla in third, banana second and chocolate first. Although keep in mind even though we put the vanilla last on the list, it is one of the best vanillas we’ve ever had. Regardless of what you think about the original Delicious, Giant have essentially set a new standard for casein with their second Delicious effort. While fans here at home will need to wait a minimum of just over two months before the supplement becomes available, we believe it is Giant’s competition that are probably going to be affected most by Delicious Casein’s arrival.

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