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Gifted’s upcoming Beyond Your Limit Training not as exciting as hoped

Gifted Nutrition's upcoming BYLT not as exciting as we had hoped

Following our review of Gifted Nutrition’s disappointing pre-workout Accelerate, word got out of another pre-workout from the brand called B.Y.L.T. Not much was said about the supplement apart from the fact that it could be stacked with the unsatisfying Accelerate for a more intense experience. While Gifted didn’t obviously come through in the first product of theirs we got to try, BYLT definitely sounded like one that may make up for Accelerate’s wasted workouts. As it turns out we may have got the wrong idea about what BYLT actually is as a short description of the supplement has surfaced. “This scientifically developed blend of magnesium and calcium lactates neutralizes the lactic acid buildup in muscles that occurs during exercise. C, D and E vitamins also help transport and maintain magnesium and calcium stores to aid coordination and reflexes while preventing tissue damage from oxidization”. From what we can gather Gifted are looking to decrease or completely remove lactic acid build up with BYLT, as well as improve your movement ability during training. To be honest we really don’t know what to think about this one, as it makes a lot of promises while listing just vitamins and minerals as highlights. When more information trickles in we will hopefully be able to get our head around BYLT a little better, but at least we now know it’s not the more intense pre-workout we were hoping for.

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