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GNC introduce their first new Puredge supplement since launch with Daily Powdered PB

GNC introduce their third addition to the Puredge series with Daily Powdered PB

We first introduced GNC’s all natural supplement series Puredge back in March with three formulas, Complex Amino, Daily Energy and Complete Protein. Since then the line has been added to twice seeing Complete Protein get a second size with a 10 serving in just one of it’s two flavors, natural chocolate. The other addition to the range was another Complete Protein variant with a whole-food based protein bar in two flavors, banana nut bread and peanut butter cookie dough. GNC have now added to the Puredge Series once again, this time going away from Complete Protein and introducing an entirely new product, Daily Powdered PB. The item is exactly what you’d expect based on it’s title, a natural peanut butter flavored formula packing 7g of protein, 4g/7g of carbohydrates (1.5g fiber, 1g/4g sugar), 2g of fat and a total of 60/70 calories per 14g peanut butter and 17.5g chocolate serving. Being a Puredge supplement it also has a few additional highlights with 1.25g of omega fatty acids, as well as no gluten, banned substances, preservatives, sugar alcohols or colors, flavors and sweeteners. The new product has already been launched through GNC and given a price of just $9.99 or $7.99 for Gold Card members.

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