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Grenade’s super custom shaker now available direct for £11.99

If you were like us and fell in love with Grenade’s custom shaker at first sight, you’re going to be happy to hear the latest from the brand. Last time we checked in we got a good look at the accessory with it’s uniquely shaped bottle, grenade like lid and grill, and capsule holding cap. Based on what we saw, we thought it was good to assume the shaker was going to get a rather hefty price tag. As it turns out Grenade are not going to be charging fans an arm and a leg on this one, despite the product being the most awesome shaker we’ve ever seen. The brand have valued their super customized accessory at £11.99, available direct from their website where you can also get a little more information on the item. Unfortunately at the moment Grenade’s shaker does only appear to be purchasable from the UK, but with so many fans here in the US we can’t imagine the brand not having plans to get some stock here at some point.

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