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Details on Hybrid’s new Endo Fuel suggest another pump infused formula

Details on Hybrid's new Endo Fuel suggest another pump infused formula

Hybrid Nutrition have unveiled their first new supplement since the release of the amino cocktail Aminoade. While most of the time products do give away quite a bit in their name, we’re not too sure on Hybrid’s seventh supplement with the title Endo Fuel. Based on the name we’re thinking endurance, hydration and/or some kind of intra-workout. The short description however the brand have given with the unveiling of Endo Fuel doesn’t really support any of those, being listed as a pre cell volumizer. Other words Hybrid have thrown out there include pump and swole, hinting at the possibility of a dedicated pump pre-workout. Of course we can’t rule out anything until the brand have had their final word. But it would be quite strange if Endo Fuel does turn out to be what it seems, seeing as Hybrid’s fifth was the pump and focus powered pre-workout Neuropump. For now the brand are teasing their seventh as on the way, with hopefully more information on the formula soon clearing up what exactly Endo Fuel is.

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