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Skinny Bugs unveiled as supplement number seven for Jamie Eason’s Labrada line

Skinny Bugs unveiled as supplement number seven for Jamie Eason's Labrada line

Jamie Eason and Labrada Nutrition are at it again, adding to the Lean For Her Jamie Eason Signature Series. The most recent addition to the female formulated line was the basic 100% Whey Protein Shake, and before that the slightly more unique Peanut Protein. Labrada has now introduced what will be Eason’s seventh supplement for the line with another rather rare product in Skinny Bugs Probiotic. The first half of the supplement’s title doesn’t exactly explain too much, although the last word does put all the pieces together. The name Skinny Bugs is of course used in relation to the healthy bacteria being used in the latest Eason probiotic, which packs a ‘full spectrum formula with over 57 billion live cultures’. Along with all the other benefits of a solid probiotic product, Skinny Bugs tops it off by coming in the form of a chewable strawberry flavored tablet. Which if it’s anything like Marc Lobliner’s chewable probiotic Machine Uptake, could also easily act as a bit of a treat. Based on past releases Labrada tend to get Jamie Eason’s supplements launched fairly quickly with lucky number seven expected sometime in December at the latest.

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