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Amino Test makes it two new supplements from Lecheek Nutrition for today

Lecheek Nutrition unveil a second supplement for Friday with Amino Test

It was only about an hour or so ago that we posted about Lecheek Nutrition’s award winning pre-workout spin off Speed X3 Test. The supplement was confirmed as a testosterone infused pre-workout featuring DAA, and promoting endurance as well as focus. While the product’s facts panel will be what we need to know exactly what we’re in for, Lecheek have actually unveiled a second new supplement for the day. Amino Test has been revealed as another product coming from the brand, making use of the same name convention as Speed X3 Test. Unfortunately as much information as we got from Lecheek’s new pre-workout picture, we haven’t got a close enough look at Amino Test to be able to fully see all the supplement is promising. From what we can make out and probably could have guessed with our eyes closed, the product features aminos. As mind blowing as that is to see in an amino formula. We are going to assume there is more to the supplement than that, especially with the word test in it’s title. All jokes aside like Speed X3 Test, Amino Test is also sitting in the ‘coming soon’ basket and being promoted as quite the experience when stacked with today’s other new product.

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