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Award winning Lecheek pre-workout gets a testosterone infused spin off in Speed X3 Test

Lecheek Nutrition unveil their testosterone infused pre-workout Speed X3 Test

Lecheek Nutrition have unveiled their next new supplement after showing off their female marketed pre-workout Hottie. The upcoming product is in fact a variant of the brand’s award winning formula Speed X3, producing a testosterone infused pre-workout. The name of the supplement is simply Speed X3 Test, which unfortunately unlike Lecheek’s previous branding doesn’t give away everything on the front of it’s label. From what we know the product is going to feature d-aspartic acid (DAA) somewhere in it’s 5.15g serving. As to what amount the brand have put in, there is room for the full 3g. However if they do spread out the DAA across a two serving maximum, it will leave even more room for the ingredients used to deliver Speed X3 Test’s other highlights endurance and focus. More information is of course on the way along with the supplement, which is currently listed as coming soon.

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