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Save money sampling seven of Muscle Pharm’s best with’s Trial Stack

Save money sampling seven of Muscle Pharm's best with's Trial Stack

Following the launch of Muscle Pharm’s seven serving trial size supplements that were produced for the Hybrid Series formulas, Shred Matrix, Armor-V, Amino1, Assault and Combat, as well as Core Creatine and Glutamine. We didn’t think the variants would show up anywhere outside of, expecting them to be exclusives of some sort. It turns out they have indeed been made available through other locations, with places such as A1 Supplements stocking the trial size Creatine and Glutamine. While fans can now purchase at least two of the seven serves away from, the extremely popular online store have put something together to help draw everyone back. Muscle Pharm addicts or those interested in sampling the aforementioned products can now get a Trial Stack consisting of all seven of the seven serves. The total cost of the set is $45.99 working out to be between 6 and $7 a bag. Just as a head ups flavor choice is pretty thin, as some will already know Assault only comes in raspberry lemonade and Amino1 in cherry limeade, leaving Combat as the only one with options in chocolate milk or cookies & cream.

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