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2 for Carnivor 1 for Carnivor Mass, MuscleMeds introduce a 4th for their mass protein

MuscleMeds introduce a fourth flavor for Carnivor Mass

After a flurry of flavors from MuscleMeds for their flagship beef protein formula Carnivor, the brand have now moved their attention to the mass gaining variant of the supplement. Carnivor Mass, the beefed up version of the popular protein has been given a fourth flavor for it’s as compared to Carnivor, rather lonely menu. For those that are wondering where on Earth was the third, in case you missed it back in March, GNC did get a rather unique option for Carnivor Mass in chocolate macaroon. The new taste following on from that is one MuscleMeds do already have with Carnivor, chocolate peanut butter. As far as we know the flavor is only due to be available in the 6lb tub size, with currently no sign of it going to the 10lber much like chocolate macaroon. We have yet to see any location show up with the fourth for Carnivor Mass, including MuscleMed’s own store the place that usually gets everything first.

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