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P28’s new Pancake Dry Mix now available online in 2 and 6 can cases

Olympia debuted P28 Pancake Dry Mix now available online

For those that may have forgotten or it just slipped their minds, today isn’t just any other Wednesday, it is Wednesday the 15th of October. This is indeed the day P28 said their latest creation High Protein Pancake Dry Mix would go on sale, and so it has. Fans of the brand and health enthusiasts alike now have the ability to purchase two tubs of the product in buckwheat buttermilk or white chocolate for $25.98, working out to be $12.99 each. If you’d like to save a little extra money you can also grab a set of six cans at $71.94, saving you a dollar a piece. With a total of five buying options, there is one downside that is if you want to stock up on three of each flavor or any odd number for that matter. You will have to pay the more expensive price as single Pancake Dry Mixes are not available, and mixing and matching can only be done for the two pack. While today is the day P28’s new item has gone on sale, pancake orders direct from the brand’s website will not be going out until Monday October 20th.

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