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Prepare for more Purus pride and gains! Update on Purus mystery supplement

Update on Purus Lab's upcoming mystery supplement

Late last week Purus Labs teased the coming of a brand new formula, showing off a beadlet capsule supplement without any additional information. While we put our guess out there as a stimulant free fat burner, it turns out the brand are going to be going in the opposite direction. Following our post Purus tweeted us saying “Prepare for more Purus Pride and gainz!”. Based on that we’re going to move our guess more towards the area of muscle building of some sort. With still not a whole lot of information on the mystery product, Purus have in fact put something else together for fans that they can get their hands on today. The brand’s latest is in fact a custom HydraCup, the increasingly popular dual cup shaker. The item features the Purus logo on a clear bottle, with a red lid, and red and black caps. The cost of the new accessory is $12.99 from the brand’s official website, although to be able to purchase the piece your order will need to total more than $14.95. Basically you are going to have to add in something else, which definitely isn’t a bad thing if you’ve seen how awesome Purus Lab’s gear is.

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