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Balanced Recovery confirmed as Scitec Nutrition’s 5th WOD Crusher

Balanced Recovery confirmed as Scitec Nutrition's fifth WOD Crusher

A kind fan of ours lucky enough to have Scitec Nutrition in their area, has passed on images of a new supplement from the European brand. Looking at the product it’s immediately obvious that it is a part of Scitec’s Crossfit designed WOD Crusher Series, being wrapped in a bright green bottle. The line which already consists of four formulas, a pre-workout, HMB complex, joint supplement and a vitamin pack, has now got a post-workout on it’s list. Product number five for the range is called Balanced Recovery, a two flavor formula with a total tub weight of 2.1kgs suggesting that carbohydrates are going to be part of the complex post-workout. Obviously with a lot of room in the supplement there is probably more than just the presumed carbs, especially if Balanced Recovery is looking at 30 servings as that does work out to be 70g each. Unlike a lot of other brands we don’t expect Scitec to drag this one’s release out, which should see all it’s information posted in the next month or two.

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