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Big Bang 3.0 sees Scitec make a total of 8 changes with 3 ingredients introduced

Scitec make a handful of changes for their sequel supplement Big Bang 3.0

Scitec Nutrition have done something very few brands have been willing to do or done, by keeping the legacy of one of their supplements alive. The European brand’s pre-workout Big Bang first went from Big Bang to Big Bang 2.0, and now to Big Bang 3.0. Arguably one of the most packed energizing formulas on the market, has been reformulated surprisingly seeing more things taken out than put in. For those who are fans of the product this should all make sense, everyone else however it may get a little confusing based on just how many ingredients and blends this thing has. Starting from the top Big Bang’s Energy Optimization complex has had garcinia cambogia’s position swapped with magnesium carbonate, and a new feature added in citrulline DL-malate. The supplement’s multi-creatine blend has been dropped down to five forms losing, creatine phosphate. A second type of arginine has been introduced with AAKG, Big Bang’s StimulBANG matrix has switched out ginkgo biloba for HMB, and lastly fumaric acid and tribulus have been removed. Everything else has been pretty much kept the same as Big Bang 2.0, seeing nothing done to the amino acid, G-Bomb (glutamine) or 4-ATP proprietaries. With just a total of eight edits, one being a blend shuffling, four removals and three ingredients added, there is a good chance fans of Big Bang are still going to get the experience they know and enjoy. If you’d like a closer look at the extremely complex product, Scitec have updated their 2.0 page with Big Bang 3.0 where you can find it’s full facts panel.

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