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Scitec uniquely repackage with retitling, Force & Stim-FX get their names back and more

Scitec Nutrition change more than just Force-FX and Stim-Fx's names

The latest from Scitec Nutrition in their ongoing effort to by the looks of things, change back every supplement that was renamed in early 2013. Comes the the transformation of another two product’s titles. The Scitec supplements being reverted back to their original names are Force-FX and Stim-FX, which are now Pump-FX and Thermo-FX respectively. While on every other occasion it is just the titles that have been updated, this time around the brand have also done a little something to the packaging of their previously boxed products. Both Pump-FX and Thermo-FX have been repackaged into a triangular prism shaped box, quite possibly the most unique and bizarre thing we’ve ever seen a supplement wrapped in. Whether or not the interesting style will be carried across to any of Scitec’s other items, we don’t quite know yet. Although it would be safe to say Pump and Thermo are going to stand out on the shelves a bit more with their new look. In the area of formulas, Scitec fans have no need to worry as everything has been kept the same in the products, with just the name and packaging being the things everyone will have to adjust to.

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