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Supplement Reviews and what they are to Stack3d

A little insight as to what supplement reviews mean to Stack3d

We thought we would put together a little something to give people a better idea of what goes in to our reviews, and what they’re about. Basically you’ll rarely find us commenting on how good a supplement actually is unless we’ve tried it. On occasions we will say if a product looks good or bad based on what’s in it, but never confirm how it will perform. The main reason behind that is you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. With proprietary blends playing a big part in hiding doses, and the affect ingredients will have on one another when combined not being an exact science. You really do have to try something to know what it’s like. Stating scientifically what each feature is meant to do, for us isn’t a review. Too many times we see similar formulas, that just don’t perform at all similar. In the end we do our best to go out and try these supplements so hopefully you don’t have to, and throw them up on our rankings to give you an even better idea of how things compare. We do make sure every one is given a fair test, cycling off stimulants in the case of pre-workouts, running supplements for a full course sometimes as long as two months, and always following an appropriate diet and workout program. For any questions feel free to reach out on any of our social media, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or even Snapchat.

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